In our Fours classrooms, you will find a caring rich environment that focuses on all aspects of creative learning. Hands on activities encompass exciting unit themes which include nutrition, cooking, holidays, dinosaurs, and safety, to name just a few.

Our friends rotate to a variety of learning centers which offer items to help stimulate young imaginative minds. Literacy is introduced with the letter of the week, creative writing, and circle time readings.

Calendar time introduces them to the days of the week and the months of the year. Patterns, graphing, simple math, and science activities are included in the curriculum as well.

Music, movement, and playground times are favorite parts of each day. The children’s art is proudly displayed around the room, down the halls, or taken home to become “refrigerator art.” Their individuality is encouraged and their achievements are always applauded.

Positive discipline methods are used so the children do not feel singled out or embarrassed. With guided redirection, your child can stay safe and develop patience and self-control when dealing with their emotions and desires. Preparing these young minds for kindergarten is a primary goal of the teachers as they encourage verbal skills, teach self-help skills, and promote self-assurance.